Did this man’s tummy bug change the course of British Politics?

November 25th, 2004

For sometime now we’ve been meaning to draw users attention to the extraordinary internet book by the polling blogger, operator of UK Pollingreport and regular contributor to Politicalbetting, Anthony Wells.

It’s called “What if Gordon Banks had played” and is a fun-packed counterfactual political history of the 1970s based on the premise that Banks played in the quarter-final of the 1970 World Cup three days before the General Election that ended Harold Wilson’s Government and saw Edward Heath’s Tories win the election. Would Labour have held on if England had won?

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare this is well worth reading.

What’s this got to do with political betting you might ask? Well it shows how little it takes to turn an entire election and it’s a reminder that elections are not always foregone conclusions.

Latest Labour seat prices:-
360 + 11/10
0 – 335 7/4
352 – 359 11/2
344 – 351 6/1
336 – 343 7/1

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