Will the Lib Dems get their “Ace of Spades”?.

February 28th, 2005

    Betting opens on Folkestone

How well will the Lib Dems do with their decapitation target number one – Michael Howard? Do they have any chance at all making serious inroads into the Tory leader’s majority in Folkestone?

If you think that they do then a new market offers 2/1 against the Tory leader’s majority being cut. It’s 4/11 on Howards majority increasing.

    So the LDs don’t have to take the seat – just reduce the majority

There is a similar market on Tony Blair but the odds are not as encouraging for the Labour leader. It’s 8/11 on Blair’s Sedgefield majority decreasing with evens on it increasing.

For online links click here. Blair’s majority in Sedgefield.
Howard’s majority in Folkestone.
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