Only Ed Miliband makes progress in the leader ratings

October 30th, 2011

The chart shows this week’s leader ratings by YouGov for today’s Sunday times with the figure highlighted being the net change for each on a week ago.

Given the way the commons EU vote has been reported the Cameron camp might have expected something worse than just a -4% net change. The voting intentions in the poll had 39/36/8. UKIP were on 7% just one point behind the Lib Dems.

The VI question, like with all the pollsters, asked how people would vote if there was an “election tomorrow”. I wonder when they are going to switch from the theoretical to the actual.

The date has been fixed by law, of course, for May 7th 2015.

I suspect that this would produce a massive increase in don’t knows.

Still the purpose of VI polling as well as the regular leader ratings is to take the political temperature.