LAB moves to an 11 percent lead with YouGov equalling it’s best position since early April

September 29th, 2013

EdM gets an 8% personal ratings boost

The chart shows the latest polling numbers from YouGov with changes on the firm’s last survey for the Sunday Times a week ago.

The big thing is not the lead but the movement by 5% in the Labour share. This is a big conference bounce – the question is whether it can be sustained.

If these numbers were repeated at a general election LAB would have a very comfortable majority. The poll finds that 45% of those sampled think that GE2015 will produce another coalition with 35% saying it won’t.

If they had to choose 42% go for a Lab/LD coalition and 36% a Con/LD one. LD voters would go for a LAB coalition by 60% to 32%.

On the Labour’s big announcement on the energy price cap the poll finds 63% in favour to 26% against.

Ed Miliband sees a big increase in YouGov’s leader tracker with 30% now thinking that he is doing a good job up from 22% last week.

Mike Smithson