Farage gives in to UKIP’s Facebook revolution over Syrian refugees and gives a Christmas gift to the Tories

December 30th, 2013

Now he only wants to help Christian Syrian refugees

Methinks he should have stood his ground

It was inevitable, I suppose, that Nigel Farage’s comments yesterday about allowing Syrian refugees into Britain would cause a furore amongst UKIP’s membership and so it has.

Now he’s qualified his remarks to make it clear that he’s only talking abou Christian refugees.

    This is indeed a Xmas gift to the Tories. They will use his U-turn time and time again to attack Farage personally.

Not only is it politically bad to make such U-turns it also highlights what is a weak link for his party – the nature of some of his members.

A mistake. He should have taken the short-term damage.

Mike Smithson

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