The Tories close the gap in Survation-Mirror poll to just 1%

March 25th, 2015

All polls, it seems, moving to level-pegging or thereabouts

Two things stand out with the Survation-Mirror poll that’s just been released. Firstly the Tories have almost closed the gap although, it should be noted, the firm was giving CON a lead in January.

Secondly, and perhaps not unrelated, UKIP is down further to 17%. That’s high but towards the end of last year Survation recorded a 24% UKIP share – the biggest ever.

What is very clear is that almost all the firms now have Farage’s party on the decline even though there is quite a variation on the shares. With polling it is the direction of travel that matters.

The Tories will be delighted that the gap is now so narrow.

These latest numbers mean that all the firms reporting this week have been tied or with a couple of points.

UPDATE Survation seat specific findings

LAB 32.3
CON 31.8
LD 9.2
UKIP 17.3
GN 3.9

Mike Smithson

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