New YouGov polling for the New Statesman shows the huge gap between Corbyn supporters and the voters LAB needs to attract

September 23rd, 2015

Peter Kellner has an analysis in tomorrow’s New Statesman which includes the polling featured above on the attitude on a range of matters by Corbyn supporters, current firm and weak LAB voters, and the target groups that the party needs to bring on board at a general election.

Question by question the gap is massive. Those who came to LAB to election the new leader have a very different view of the world.

This is from Peter’s article:

“..Those who voted for Jeremy Corbyn overwhelmingly describe themselves as left-wing. They reject capitalism, and they admire Tony Benn more than they admire Tony Blair. Two-thirds of them want to abolish private schools and the monarchy, and favour higher taxes to pay for greater welfare.

Labour’s target voters think none of these things. Nor do many current Labour supporters. The table gives the main findings. The first column sets out the views of those who voted for Corbyn to be party leader. The final three columns are taken from a separate survey of more than 10,000 electors. Currently, just over a quarter would vote Labour; a further 20 per cent would consider doing so. To win in 2020, Labour must retain the support of almost all its present supporters and at least half its potential voters.

Our figures show how hard this will be..”

Clearly a lot can happen in the next four and a half years but but us hard to see how Mr. Corbyn can keep on side those who supported him in the leadership election and those voters that the party needs to attract.


Mike Smithson