Marco Rubio is getting very close to Jeb Bush in the Republican nominee betting

October 1st, 2015

While all the focus in the fight for the Republican nomination has been on the three non politician contenders – Trump, Fiorina and Carson – the big recent betting moves have been at the top of the card

The former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush has yet to sparkle in the campaign and had seen his betting price gradually move out while a lot of the recent money has been going on Marco Rubio. He’s the junior senator from Florida and has come to even greater prominence following the turbulence amongst his party leadership in Congress.

Rubio is 44, a Cuban American who is increasingly being seen by the party establishment as the one best able to take on Hillary next year. He’s been helped by Bush’s lacklustre campaign so far and very poor poll ratings.

It is also being said that he’s starting to eat into Bush’s fundraising attracting key players from the Bush team.

Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls but is nothing like as dominant as he previously appeared to be.

Coming up later this month is the next major TV debate of potential nominees. It is expected that this will further sort out some of the less likely contenders – a list that had already started to whittle down.

I’m on Rubio.

Mike Smithson