Jeb Bush’s bid for the GOP nomination looks even more in doubt after a clumsy performance in latest primary debate

October 29th, 2015

Rubio heading to 40% in the nominee betting

The clip above gives a taste of the overnight third Republican debate. Bush, who not too long ago had been touching evens in the nomination betting, was under huge pressure to assert himself and take on the young Senator from Florida his own state, Marco Rubio.

He did it in such a cack handed manner and unfortunately for him Rubio was waiting with a solid response. Bush bombed.

The other big losers were CNBC who’ve been widely criticised for their poor management of the event which wasn’t good for anyone – the contenders or the audience.

Trump did OK, Carson was at times totally incoherent while Cruz and Fiorina came out reasonably well but they are still a sideshow to the main action.

The clip that’s getting all the US media attention is the Rubio-Bush one and that can only be bad news for the brother of the last Republican to win the presidency.

This is all preparing the ground ahead of the primaries which begin in about 90 days. I think that Rubio justifies his favourite position but don’t rule out Trump. Cruz is one to keep am eye on.

I personally like Fiorina but she has struggled to gain traction.

Mike Smithson