Corbyn’s LAB closes the gap once again in the October ComRes/Mail phone poll

October 30th, 2015

This may ease some jitters within the red team

After the GE2015 polling disaster ComRes was the first firm to announce radical changes in its weightings to deal with the apparent problem of the Conservatives being understated. The result is that its polls have broadly shown bigger CON leads than those from other firms. So today’s numbers will give the red team even more comfort.

Con 38% (-1)
Lab 33% (+3)
LD 8% (-1
UKIP 10% (-2)
Green 3% (-1)

The tax credits’ findings from the firm are not good for Mr. Osborne and show, I’d suggest, how he failed to make a substantive case when announcing them. The Tory position has not been helped by analysts suggesting that the impact on many families will not be alleviated that much by his new National Living Wage.

Mike Smithson