This week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast: The 2016 White House race with Stan Greenberg

November 25th, 2015


On this week’s episode of the PB / Polling Matters podcast Keiran discusses the 2016 US Presidential race with Democratic pollster and strategist Stan Greenberg.

Stan talks about his new book ‘America Ascendant’ where he outlines the profound demographic and cultural changes that have taken place in the U.S. and why they make the Democrats most likely to triumph in 2016 (and beyond). Stan also picks his three GOP candidates to watch and predicts an unlikely eventual nominee. Finally, the podcast turns to Labour and Stan gives his thoughts on the current state of the UK Labour Party.

You can follow Stan Greenberg at @StanGreenberg and find out more about ‘America Ascendant‘ below
America Ascendant:

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