New large sample poll finds just 43% of GE2015 LAB voters saying they approve of Corbyn as party leader

November 30th, 2015

The more educated you are the more likely you’ll approve of JC as LAB leader

This is a new venture by Ian Warren of Election Data who in the run-up to GE2015 provided analysis for two of the main parties. He devised the questions and provided the analysis. YouGov did the fieldwork. The initial release relates to just English adults – other parts are to follow.

Overall amongst the entire sample Corbyn had 23% saying they approved of him with 52% saying they didn’t. Cameron, by comparison had 37% approval to 42% disapproval.

There’s a huge amount of data in the poll on how party allegiances have changed since GE2015 – I have focused in this first post on Corbyn’s approval rating to which the question was “To what extent do you approve or disapprove of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party”.

The years of education chart is very revealing because it was the older generations who finished their formal time at school/college the earliers.

Corbyn has his best approval ratings from the youngest segment who are least likely to be on the electoral register and least likely to vote.

What we don’t have is any comparative data. This is all new.

Corbyn’s opponents within his party will no doubt register these numbers.

Mike Smithson