Trump’s big pre-Iowa gamble: pulling out of Thursday’s TV debate in ongoing row with Fox News

January 27th, 2016

How are caucus voters going to view this?

The big overnight WH2016 news is that Donald Trump has pulled out of the final TV debate before voting actually starts in the elongated process to choose the party nominees

The Fox News clip above is how the most watched news channel by GOP voters is reporting the decision. This inevitably recalls memories of his spat in August last year with Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly when she sought to take him to task about his attitude to women.

Whether Trump’s move is right for him politically we’ll only know after we see how Iowa caucus voters react on Monday. He’s certainly dominating the headlines.

Whatever happens in Iowa on Monday and in New Hampshire this looks set to be seen as a defining moment. In the betting Trump is a 62% chance on Betfair to win Iowa.

Mike Smithson