The woman Farage sacked is 6/4 favourite to succeed him as UKIP leader

March 30th, 2016

Former UKIP star Suzanne Evans discusses her suspension from   YouTube

A big political story before the Easter weekend was the suspension for six months of leading UKIP figure, Suzanne Evans, who for a few days last May was acting leader of the party.

She stood in after Farage carried out his promised resignation on the Friday after the general election only to return as leader the following week.

Evans, a former BBC journalist and CON councillor, had become one of the most effective communicators for her party and had hopes of being elected to the Greater London Assembly on Msy 5th. Her six month suspension which she sought to contest in the courts means that she won’t be on the UKIP list for the election.

I don’t claim to have any insight into UKIP’s internal politics and have no view of the betting odds. My one observation is that not having a communicators as effective as Evans in a leading position is a big mistake. She is someone with the ability to reach a wider audience than most in the UKIP leadership.

Mike Smithson