New YouGov polling finds that Corbyn has lost his LAB members’ lifeline. He now looks doomed

July 1st, 2016


His equivocal & lacklustre referendum campaign has damaged him with the members he needs



Above are some of the key findings from a new YouGov poll of LAB party members – the very people that Corbyn is looking to to help keep him in his job.

He’s portraying his current battle with his MPs as one between them and the membership who so enthusiasticly voted him to the leadership last September. Until May he was still enjoying overwhelming member support but the referendum appears to have changed all that.

    The suggestions that he might have voted leave and that close advisors were trying to sabotage the efforts to stay in the EU appear to have undermined his standing with the members he desperately needs.

If it goes to a vote it is now far from certain that he would get the backing even though a match up against Angela Eagle has him 10% ahead.

The polling undermines totally Corbyn’s claims to have ongoing membership support. I think that his days are now numbered and he’ll become another casualty of last week’s referendum vote.

YouGov has an excellent record with LAB member polling and got last September’s election almost dead on.

Mike Smithson