Now let’s see if Hillary gets a polling bounce that out does Trump’s last week

July 29th, 2016


I didn’t stay up overnight to watch Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the end of the Democratic convention but it seems to have been well received.

The betting markets have moved a notch back towards here but we need to see a full range of post convention polling before we can start drawing conclusions.

If the polling averages from next Monday onwards are just showing this to be level pegging then Trump could be said to be the winner of the convention season.

On one measure, TV audience ratings, the Democrats have been getting about 15% more viewers than the Republicans last week which is a possible indicator. No figures yet for the final day.

I switched my Trump betting position to Clinton at the start of the week on the assumption that she would get a polling bounce.

One contribution last night that’s getting big attention was this from Muslim man whose soldier son was killed while on duty.

There’ll be much more if this in the next 102 days. Trump is a non conventional candidate fighting in a totally non conventional way. The formal campaign, which starts at the end of the conventions, has begun a month earlier than usual. A lot can happen between now and November 8th.

Trump’s ability to attract media coverage can work for him or against.

Mike Smithson