August’s Ipsos Mori issues index. Immigration & Immigrants regains top spot

September 1st, 2016

August issues index

A sign the voters don’t expect the Brexit deal to end the freedom of movement?

The latest Ipsos Mori issues index is out. Ipsos Mori say

After reaching a record level of concern in July following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, fewer Britons now show concern about the EU, according to Ipsos MORI’s August Issues Index. Three in ten (31%) now say they are concerned about the EU – down 9 points from July – although it is still seen as the single most important issue (mentioned by 21% as their most concerning issue).

Immigration has once again taken the top spot with one in three (34%) saying it was their concern (down 4 points from last month) despite being at its lowest level since March 2015. Immigration remains particularly relevant for Conservative voters with 45% mentioning it as their concern compared with just one in four (24%) Labour voters.

Whilst immigration returning to number is a case of the status quo ante bellum, I would have thought the vote to Leave the EU would assuage those concerns and see immigration/immigrants to fall down the issues index, but evidently not. So perhaps this might be a case of the voters thinking the Brexit deal will not limit the free movement of people, which could cause problems for Mrs May and boost UKIP if Mrs May fumbles the freedom of movement matter.