Jeremy Corbyn has appointed Sir Keir Starmer as Shadow Brexit Secretary and the Tories should be worried

October 6th, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has just brought a bazooka to a water pistol fight

Whilst the focus might be on the appointment of Diane Abbott as Shadow Home Secretary I think Jeremy Corbyn has pulled off a master stroke by appointing former Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Keir Starmer, as Shadow Brexit Secretary.

David Davis doesn’t exude confidence as Brexit Secretary, and he has been very publicly slapped down by Mrs May a few weeks ago, and the complexity of Brexit, Sir Keir’s agile legal and forensic mind, coupled with his experience as a barrister, it won’t be tears for Keir’s supporters, but tears for David Davis’ supporters. Jeremy Corbyn might have just brought a bazooka to a water pistol fight. With Brexit going to dominate for a least the rest of this Parliament Corbyn is right to bring in the very best to cover this important role as the government introduces the ‘great’ repeal bill.

If the rumours are true that Seumas Milne is going to be replaced by Damien McBride then the Labour leader’s performance should improve as I’m not the only who thinks Seumas Milne has been an utter disaster as an adviser to Corbyn. Whilst many will focus on the manner of McBride’s resignation when he worked for Gordon Brown, it is a Westminster bubble story, David Cameron brought a criminal into Downing Street, and that didn’t stop him winning a general election.