Celebrity Corbyn cheerleader Paul Mason caught on video expressing his doubts about the LAB leader saying he should be replaced by Clive Lewis

October 14th, 2016

Just when all seemed sweetness and light within Labour

One of the tireless advocates of Corbyn during the prolonged LAB leadership battle in the summer was the ex-Newsnight correspondent Paul Mason. As you’d expect he’s articulate and good on the telly and figured prominently in the coverage of the election.

But there’s one video of him which he’s probably less keen about. He was caught by someone sitting near him in a bar in Liverpool as he talked about Corbyn’s failings and lack of electoral appeal. This has now found its way into the hands of the Sun which is giving big coverage this morning.

This is one of the dangers about the modern world. Most people have smartphones with pretty sophisticated video facilities which they carry with them all the time.

Mason is promoting the cause of the Norwich South MP Clive Lewis – also a former BBC reporter who at one stage served in the army overseas.

Lewis is one of the favourites to succeed Corbyn and having Mason as an advocate will no doubt be helpful.

Mike Smithson