Worried about BREXIT – fear no more. Tony Blair is coming to the rescue

November 20th, 2016


And he’s said to be ready to team up with George Osborne

Hard to know what to make of the above story in today’s Sunday Times about Labour’s most successful leader in terms of winning elections.

Whatever your view Blair he was an immense political figure and clearly has been looking for a role in the UK nine years after he stepped down as PM and quit as an MP. But quite what he is able to do now and whether he has any remaining influence is hard to judge.

The George Osborne reference in the report is the most interesting. The manner of his dismissal by Theresa May was humiliating and unlike Cameron he is still a very active player and has ambitions for the top role.

It’s known that he was an admirer of Blair’s political skills and is said to have used him as a role model.

But quite what Osbo+Blair can do about BREXIT is far from clear.

If the Sunday Times report is accurate then something is going on.

Mike Smithson