Theresa May now joint 2nd favourite as next party leader to go

December 14th, 2016


Nuttal & Farron prices move out

William Hill next party leader out betting with changes since Sunday
2/1 Corbyn
11/4 (5/2) Nuttall
11/4 (7/2) May
6/1 Sturgeon
7/1 (6/1) Farron

There’s been quite a bit if activity on the William Hill first party leader out market with Paul Nuttlall’s price moving out and Theresa May’s moving in. The betting sentiment suggests that the PM might not be as secure as things appear.

Certainly there’s been a fair bit of more critical coverage of May in the past 5 days as the BREXIT strategy looks even more complex. If this goes smoothly then she can look forward to a reasonably long period at Number 10. If not then the Tory party has a habit of moving very quickly and decisively.

This from Sam Coates today’s Times on the operation of the Cabinet Brexit committee is hardly going to add to confidence.

Mike Smithson