Theoretically at least TMay is the leader with biggest challenge keeping support together over BREXIT

January 4th, 2017


Anti-BREXIT yellows can siphon away blue votes as well as red ones.

While most pundits appear to have focused on Labour’s problems over BREXIT let’s not forgot that the Tory support base is even more divided. YouGov’s latest BREXIT tracker published yesterday had the above splits in party supporters view of the issue that’s set to define British politics.

As can be seen the Tory voter base goes 63% right to 33% wrong on current views of the BREXIT vote. Labour, by comparison has 25% saying decision was right with 69% saying wrong.

While people are talking about the pincers LD-UKIP pincer movement on Labour voters there same exists but more so for the Tory leadership.

    With the LDs kicking on the heels of the Tories in many of the seats Cameron’s party gained in 2015 Mrs. May has to tread very carefully.

With Farron’s party fighting hard in Copeland with an unequivocal anti-BREXIT message the by-election will be a test for both main parties.

Mike Smithson