The LEAVE campaign’s message on the NHS is still resonating strongly with those who voted for BREXIT

January 6th, 2017



The majority of leavers think BREXIT will be good for the NHS

The latest YouGov out today, asks a question that has nor been put for some time – whether people think that leaving the EU will be good for the NHS.

This was, of course, the biggest message from the officially designated LEAVE campaign and was the main theme of its referendum broadcasts. There was dispute over the £350m figure but the campaign held firm and continued using it right to election day.

What’s interesting about the latest poll is how many LEAVE voters still believe that BREXIT is going to achieve what was promised – maybe setting up a level of expectation that it might be difficult to fulfil.

REMAIN voters, as can be seen, responded to the question in a totally different way.

For the moment, of course, nobody knows whether this promise can be achieved but, no doubt, it will figure heavily in the political debate once extraction has been achieved.

Mike Smithson