Trump goes on the offensive against the media – a sign of the next four years?

January 11th, 2017

At least it’s going to be interesting

With just nine days to go till his inauguration Donald Trump has held a major press conference dealing with how his business interests will operate while he’s in the White House, the Mexican wall and who’ll pay for it, and, of course. the revelations in the past 24 hours about his alleged relationship with Russia and what is said to have gone on in that hotel room.

The clip above shows how he was in a fiery aggressive mode and he was particularly scathing about the US’s security services which will soon have him as a new overall boss.

It is very hard to say where this is going to go. The Trump worry is if something more substantive comes out about the things he has emphatically denied.

No doubt the coverage be all over our TV screens for the next day or so.

Mike Smithson