If Labour don’t take the lead in the polls, is that how John McDonnell topples Jeremy Corbyn?

February 24th, 2017

If Corbyn is toppled will it be one of his inner circle that wields the dagger?

Earlier on this month John McDonnell gave an interview in which he said the polls will reverse in the next 12 months. We’ve already seen articles saying that McDonnell is taking over. If McDonnell feels that Labour aren’t going to improve, he might end up saying to Corbyn he should stand down.

This chart shows Labour’s continuing decline, surely the likes of McDonnell and Diane Abbott (who has start rebelling against Corbyn) will realise the party they love is at the risk an extinction level election, and will urge Corbyn to stand aside, for the greater good.

If the PLP want to topple Corbyn they might need to start working with John McDonnell, after all it wasn’t just Brutus who was involved in the assassination of another JC, Julius Caesar.