LAB moves to 19% deficit with YouGov, drops vote share in all latest by-elections & loses seat to CON

March 10th, 2017

The Corbyn leadership disaster continues

The first full post budget voting intention poll is out and YouGov in the Times finds the Tories extending the lead to 19% – the biggest gap for eight years.

In the latest round of local elections Labour continues to flounder losing voting shares in all the seats it contested and losing another seat to the Tories.

The combination is appalling and as long as the current leadership remains intact it is hard to see anything other than a big Conservative majority at the next general election.

It just appears that the voters have given up on the red team.

The YouGov polling on the budget itself was good for the Chancellor even though 55% thought that he had broken a general election manifesto pledge by making the changes for self-employed National Insurance contributions.

On the measures themselves all of them got good numbers of support.

Overall, 32% told YouGov that it was fair, with 24% saying it wasn’t.

I plan to do more on the poll when the dataset is published.

Mike Smithson