Day 2 of Osbo’s new job and he’s not being helpful to the woman who sacked him

May 3rd, 2017

Although its now a freebie with a circulation confined to the capital the London Evening Standard is hugely influential in shaping the news narrative – what other parts of the mainstream media come to decide is important.

At the moment all eyes are on the paper because of its new editor the ex-MP for Tatton and who until 10 months ago was just about the most powerful person in government excluding the PM.

He knows “where the bodies are hidden” and will be able to interpret what’s comes out of government like nobody else. As an ex-Chancellor he’s uniquely aware of the full range of government spending and activity.

I always thought that the very public manner of his sacking last July was a mistake by TMay and in his new role he’s in a very powerful position which I am sure that he realises.

Mike Smithson