It appears Brexiteers are finding out they can’t have their cake and eat it

July 6th, 2017

When even the political editor of the Leave supporting Sun newspaper is coming out with info like that then we should take notice. What has changed is Mrs May’s disastrous election campaign that was designed to crush the saboteurs ended up emboldening Remainers when she frittered away David Cameron’s majority.

We’re leaving, democracy demands it, but what is now up for discussion is what kind of Leave will we get, but my view when it comes to the betting is to start laying any prominent Leaver in the race to be next Tory leader. My logic is twofold, if the Brexit deal is recoils from the way the referendum was won, then there will be cries of betrayal which will damage the credentials of those contenders.

And well if Brexit does turn out to be sub-optimal, then I don’t fancy their chances of becoming leader, they’ll be tainted with the result, for the first time in decades being a Eurosceptic candidate might be a hindrance with the Tory party.