How general election turnout has changed by age group – 1964-2017

July 31st, 2017

Commons Library Research briefing

The chart above is from another excellent new research paper that’s just been published by the Commons library. It looks at election turnout which, of course, was one of the big drivers behind the GE17 outcome.

While the big story from June 8th was the increase in the youth vote the 25-34 years olds also saw a significant increase Fewer oldies bothered to vote and we had the first downward movement with this segment since GE2001.

What we have learned over recent elections is that each is very different and we cannot assume that the trends from last time will be carried over to the next.

It is always very easy to see a battle as it happened through the prism of what happened before and that’s where mistakes can be made and why we were all so shocked when the exit poll came out.

Mike Smithson