The Trump Presidency after 200 days and the ratings slump continues

August 8th, 2017


A new CNN/SSRS poll has been published overnight and the figures look even bleaker for the property billionaire who won last year’ White House race. These are some of the findings:

How Trump Is Handling Job as President

Strongly approve 24%
Moderately approve 14%
Moderately disapprove 9%
Strongly disapprove 47%

Is Trump Someone You Are Proud to Have As President?

Yes 34%
No 63%

Trust Most of What You Hear from the White House?

Yes 24%
No 73%

First six months of Trump’s time in office?:

A success 36%

A failure 59%

The betting, meanwhile, edges away from Trump completing a first term. I have yet to be tempted to have a punt.

Politically the big challenge facing Trump is maintaining the support of his party in the run-up to next November’s midterm elections. If those in Congress up for election next year see themselves losing because Trump is dragging the party down then he could be in real difficulty.

Mike Smithson