Meet the ex-chief of staff to the BrexSec now the de facto Brexit opposition leader

August 10th, 2017

Suddenly what was looking like a very boring political August has been shaken up by a series strong anti-Brexit Tweets from James Chapman – former Mail political editor and until June was Chief of Staff to the Brexit Secretary and favourite to replace TMay, David Davis.

If anyone is aware of the challenge faced by implementing the referendum result it is Chapman who surely has now become a must follow on Twitter.

    It is Chapman’s combination of journalistic skills and deep knowledge of the Brexit challenges that look set to make him a powerful figure in the coming months.

This Twitter exchange gives a flavour of what we are likely to see.

Quite where this is going is hard to say but it Chapman’s knowledge of the detail that will worry ministers. A lot of it is focused on TMay and some of her red lines for the negotiations which according to Chapman are adding to BrexSec’s problems.

It all adds to the febrile political atmosphere at such a crucial time.

Mike Smithson