Concern about immigration drops sharply although nearly 3 times as many CON voters raised it than LAB ones

August 22nd, 2017

In a month which has seen almost no polls it is great that we have the regular Ipsos-MORI Issues Index which has been asked in the same format for four decades.

What makes it special is that those sampled are asked to name what they see as the main issues of the day without any prompting. There is no other poll like it and it has come to be regarded as one the best tests of salience – how important these are regarded.

The NHS remains top with Brexit second but notice the immigration trend and also the party split on the issue. Tory voters are much more likely to names it than LAB ones.

The continuing concern about the NHS, particularly during the summer when there is less pressure on the system, is a warning to ministers.

Mike Smithson