Two years ago some Tories voted for Corbyn to become Labour leader to destroy the Labour party, you’ll never guess what happened next

September 12th, 2017

Happy second anniversary as Labour leader Mr Corbyn, a man who continues to defy expectations.

Today is the second anniversary of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Labour leader, very few people could have imagined how things have turned out. Back in 2015 many observers, including myself, thought if Jeremy Corbyn led the Labour party at a general election, Labour would play the role of Alderaan to the Tory party’s Death Star. But at 10pm on June 8th 2017 all those perceptions changed.

Some of the people who voted for Corbyn as leader back in 2015 were Tories whose sole motivation was to see the destruction of the Labour party and saw Mr Corbyn as the best vehicle for that aim, I wonder how they feel this morning?

Under Corbyn’s leadership Labour increased their share of the vote to around 40% and a net increase in seats which many see as a plausible platform for Labour to take power at the next general election, which would see the most left wing government of my lifetime, if not in the history of this country.

My own hunch is that Corbyn would have still won without the Tories4Corbyn but they helped to contribute the size of his majority that emboldened both Mr Corbyn and the true believers amongst Mr Corbyn’s supporters, but the whole saga about the Tories4Corbyn is indicative of politics over the past few years, nothing has quite panned out the way many people expected it would. It should also be a salutary lesson that, to quote an old proverb, ‘you shouldn’t stir your spoon in someone else’s porridge.’