Blaming the hard-line CON Brexit fundamentalists who are taking Britain to the brink

October 12th, 2017

The Stephen Bush analysis of the Brexit negotiations

In a well-argued New Statesman piece Stephen Bush makes a point that has not been heard much since the Brexit talks began. It is the hard-line CON Brexiteers who are calling the shots and taking us to the brink. He notes:-

…the loss of political sovereignty… is unsatisfying to the Brexit elite – perhaps 1 or 2 per cent of the population at best – who are in the main unworried about immigration, inoculated from economic harm, but obsessed with sovereignty and free trade.

There is the potential for a settlement in December. But we shouldn’t forget that the reason why the Brexit talks are unlikely to deliver what the bulk of voters, Remain or Leave, want is because they are being shaped not by the interests of the 52 per cent who wanted to leave or the fears of the 48 per cent who opted to stay, but by the minority interests of a small group of Brexiteers, largely concentrated within the Conservative Party.

It is having to square these factions which is making it so difficult for TMay and her team.

Mike Smithson