Good news for those those who took the 5/1 PB tip that Trump would not visit the UK this year

October 12th, 2017

Ladbrokes price Jan 29 2017

The bet looks set to be a winner

Back in January in what now seems an eternity ago the big news was the arrival of at the White House of Mr. Trump and the speculation over the timing and form of the President’s first visit to Britain.

The talk was all about a full state visit and visits to Buckingham Palace with him being taken their in one of the Royal coaches.

Then, of course, Theresa May was riding high and wasn’t the diminished figure that she’s appeared since the general election. The Commons Speaker, John Bercow, caused some controversy by announcing that Trump would not be invited to Parliament.

Such was the certainty that that the new president would visit this year that Ladbrokes were offering 5/1 on him not doing so and the talk was of this taking place in June at about the same time at what turned out to be the general election week.

    I just wonder whether there would have been a general election at all if a Trump state visit had been scheduled for June.

Then things got put back to October amidst growing concerns about protests.

The overnight news is that he’ll now be coming in 2018 for what appears to be a down-graded non-state visit with no meeting with the Queen.

All this is good news for those who took TSE’s tip on January 29th to take the Ladbrokes “no visit in 2017” 5/1.

Mike Smithson