Those thinking the leave EU vote was wrong take biggest lead yet in YouGov’s Brexit Tracker

October 13th, 2017

If this is more than a blip it could be significant

After more than a year of producing results showing that voters were split almost down the middle over Brexit the latest YouGov tracker now has those saying it was wrong leading by 5 points

This is the biggest margin by either right or wrong has had since the pollster started tracking opinion in the aftermath of the referendum.

As in all newsworthy pieces of polling we’ll have to wait to see whether if this is a trend or whether it is just a quirk. The question has been asked been exactly the same way ever since the referendum.

The poll also had Corbyn and May level pegging at 33% each on the who would make the best prime minister question. These finding generally have a big bias to the incumbent and these are the second bet ever figures for the Labour leader.

Just 21% of the sample said they thought that the government was handling the Brexit negotiation well with 61% saying badly. This is by far the worst set of figures ever for Tories on this question.

Voting intention remains almost static with CON down a point and the LDs up one.

Mike Smithson