Corbyn was far less a driver of the GE2017 LAB vote than many of his supporters maintain

October 23rd, 2017

Just 13% named him as their main reason for voting LAB

In the aftermath of the June 8th general election so much was happening politically that not much attention was paid to the above YouGov polling carried out shortly afterwards.

For me the interesting thing was how, in relative terms. Corbyn does not appear to be key factor which has been very much the narrative since. Just 13% named him as their main reason. As can be seen from the chart this compares with a total of 19% who were either anti-Tory or anti-TMay.

Amongst the 18-24 age group the Corbyn factor seemed more significant with 24% saying he was the main reason.

His position remains rock solid within the movement because he is given the credit of producing what was a far better result than many imagined.

Other data from YouGov shows that more CON voters, 14%, named Corbyn as the main driver of their vote for the blue team. So he was a bigger negative with Tory voters than a positive with his own side.

Mike Smithson