If Jared O’Mara had been in Farage’s UKIP he’d have been booted out of LAB by now

October 23rd, 2017


One of the things that always impressed me about Farage’s UKIP was the speed in which he’d deal with situations like that which Corbyn’s LAB faces tonight over the online homophobic comments by the man who ousted Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam on June 8th.

The former leader of the purples was acutely aware how actions like O’Mara’s amongst party officials, candidates and those holding elected positions could damage the party and he would act very quickly. In doing so he generally closed down the issue.

So what is Corbyn who’s faced a lot of criticism for his relaxed approach to antisemitism going to do about O’Mara?

Alienating the gay vote isn’t smart.

Mike Smithson