LAB’s GE17 candidate selection process makes it look amateurish, sloppy and is damaging

October 26th, 2017

Another day and more O’Mara revelations come out

All parties, including the Tories, were taken by surprise when Mrs May returned from her walking holiday in Snowdonia in April and announced that in spite of previous assurances that she wouldn’t go to the country before 2020 she was calling a general election.

But the date was set for more than seven weeks later which is a lot longer than normal election campaigns.

Getting candidates in place in all of the 650 seats was a huge task but other parties managed it without having to resort to what Labour did in Sheffield Hallam where national officials apparently selected him without meeting him or examining his background. Mr O’Mara was never troubled with having to go through a proper selection process.

Now the seat has an MP who apparently can’t be arsed to do what most MPs regard as the norm – holding regular constituency surgeries and taking part fully in the processes at Westminster. He’s the only one of the 650 MPs elected on June 8th who took their seats who has yet to speak in the House.

Although he’s had the whip withdrawn, apparently against the wishes of leader Corbyn, this has the potential to be flung back at the red team whenever Labour tries to present itself as as a credible party of government.

If they can’t even have a proper process for choosing candidates then how can they aspire to run the country.

Mike Smithson