Corbyn becomes an even stronger betting favourite to be the next PM

November 1st, 2017

The current scandals are moving the markets

Above is the betdata.io trend chart showing the big movement to Corbyn in the next PM market.

This is a crazy market as I’ve observed here before. Fact is that it is hard to see how Corbyn or any Labour leader becomes PM before the next general election and after TMay’s GE2017 experience she is hardly going to precipitate an early election once again. In any case it is hard to see the blue team allowing her to be at the helm by the time of the next election.

So Corbyn might well become PM but it is hard to envisage the circumstances that this happens before the election. For the bet to come good TMay has to remain in post.

The latest movement is surely a reflection of views about the what’s going on within the Tory party in the wake of the ongoing harassment scandals.

Mike Smithson