Latest ConHome party members’ survey finds no clear preference for who should succeed Mrs. May

November 6th, 2017

This, surely, is TMay’s greatest strength

At some stage in the next 20 month or so the largely male and elderly membership of the Conservative party will vote on who should be the next Prime Minister – so we need to keep an eye on the regular ConHome surveys of party members.

Although these are not what can be described as proper polls with representative samples they have in the past been showing a broadly similar picture to what YouGov has found.

Given how precarious Mrs. May’s position is we could see a challenge at any time and in in any case it is hard to see the party allowing her to remain in post to fight the next general election.

What will spark off a contest is hard to say but her appointment of Gavin Williamson as Defence Secretary created an enormous amount of anger amongst CON MPs last week. How could someone who has never spoken from the dispatch box in the Commons be given such a big position?

    That’s by the bye. The PM is in such jeopardy at the moment that she wants her friends, those she can trust, round her. The naming of her long-standing friend and colleague, Damian Green, in the harassment scandal, which he strongly denies, must be very hard for her.

The survey above reflects her greatest strength. There is no obvious alternative but that could change.

Williamson himself is said to be scheming for the job and I just wonder if at the end of the day he will become the assassin. He knows the parliamentary party better than anyone and is ambitious.

Mike Smithson