The Tory turmoil continues as another Cabinet exit appears to be in the offing

November 8th, 2017

Signs are that Patel is on the way out

Yesterday morning the odds on the International Development Secretary, Priti Patel, being the next cabinet exit were 5/1 with TMay’s deputy, her long standing friend from Oxford, Damian Green the 6/4 favourite.

Twenty four hours on things look very different and the view overnight was that Patel wouldn’t survive.

Green is still at risk but my guess is that the last thing that TMay wants is for the man who has become so important to her since the general election having to go. He is strongly denying allegations against him.

Once Patel goes then the focus could switch to the Foreign Secretary who has seen his leadership ambitions smashed since the dizzy post GE17 weekend when all the signs were that he was in a strong position to take over.

    Although I think Mrs May was wrong to try to carry on after losing the Tories their majority her resilience might well have stopped Boris becoming PM.

With strong pro Brexiteers Patel and Johnson out of the way then who’ll become the leadership flag carrier for Leavers? Of course there is David Davis but what about Andrea Leadsom?

Mike Smithson