For the 3rd successive month YouGov Brexit tracker has “wrong to leave” in lead

November 10th, 2017

The chart shows the latest YouGov Brexit tracker in which the question is whether those polled think that in insight it was wrong or right for Britain to have voted to leave EU.

This is not asking how people would vote in a new referendum or whether the Brexit process should be stopped. Keiran Pedley has suggested that the use of the word “wrong” might be influencing the response which is why this result can be different from other polls that ask about Brexit.

No doubt many remainers take the view that the vote to Leave was wrong but believe that the decision has been taken and that we should proceed.

Like in all polls the phrasing of the question can have a big impact.

With a tracker the same question is asked in the same manner every time so we can make valid comparisons.

Because the movement with each new poll is relatively small and within the margin of error it is important to look at the overall trend which is why I produce the chart.

Right to Leave last had a lead in August while TMay was still on vacation.

Mike Smithson