If the Brexit impact papers don’t exist what were the redacted papers that were made available a few weeks back?

December 6th, 2017

The reputation of BrexSec DDavis takes another dive

By all account this has been another extraordinary Brexit day. As well as TMay’s troubles with the DUP we have DDavis now saying the the impact assessment papers on 58 sections of the economy simply do not exist.

This is crazy as this long Twitter thread makes clear. These were being referred to first in July 2016.

    Maybe the move by Davis his morning was the latest wheeze to stop them being published because it is hard to believe that the Government has not been examining the impact of Brexit on all aspects of the economy.

Not too long ago, it will be recalled, heavily redacted papers were issued in a form that was totally unreadable.

The extraordinary behaviour from Davis with each successive statement on the subject apparently not being consistent with the previous one is leading to all sorts of conspiracy theories. Maybe the minister’s approach today was seen as the least worst option given what the reports actually contain.

What is extraordinary is that this man was for a long period in the summer the favourite to be next CON leader and next PM.

Mike Smithson