Farage’s man’s refusal to admit defeat means Betfair Alabama punters won’t get their winnings this side of Xmas

December 16th, 2017

It is now 5 days since the white supremacist, Roy Moore, lost the special election in Alabama for the US Senate.

The vote margin of 1.5% was in excess of that which is allowed under state law for a losing candidate to call for a recount.

The winner, the Democrat, is widely regarded as such and there is no suggestion anywhere that the result can be overturned. All the focus now is on the political consequences of the GOP position in the Senate being cut to 51-49.

Most bookies have paid the punters who backed the Democrats. Not so yet on the Betfair exchange which saw nearly £0.75m being traded.

Under state law the result will be formalised on December 28th which looks as though it will be the day when Betfair and will settle the market.

So if you’ve made money on Alabama on Betfair it looks as though you are going to have wait.

Mike Smithson