Meanwhile a slight increase in approval for the handling of Brexit negotiations but even less confidence about what’ll happen

January 8th, 2018

In what I think is the first published political polling of 2018 the latest ORB Brexit trackers are out.

There had been much expectation following the success of Theresa May’s talks in Brussels last month that this would lead to some improvement in the ratings. Well there has been a little bit of movement on the approval of the Brexit negotiations but nothing much and well within the margin of error.

The other traffic tracker on the public’s Expectations what’s going to come out of the Brexit negotiations is far less encouraging for the government. As can be seen the number thinking that the deal is not going to be good for Britain has reached a record high.

Assuming that the public’s expectation is correct the big question is what the overall political impact will be both in the short and long term which could have a lasting impression on the Tories given that they were in power and called the referendum.

We have to remember, of course, that if, as is likely, the Parliament runs to its full term Brexit will have been at least three years earlier.

What I like about ORB is that this survey is carried out every month using exactly the same questions and that the Firm shows us trend charts.

Mike Smithson