New poll highlights the danger for Corbyn if LAB is perceived as being pro-Brexit

February 6th, 2018

It also suggests a way back for the LDs

The Stop Brexit pressure group Our Future Our Choice has published a YouGov poll it commissioned which suggests that LAB’s poll rating could drop from 39% to 30% if it goes into the next election backing or having backed Brexit.

The big dangers comes from the very same group of voters who were behind the party’s better than expected performance at GE2017 – those under 40.

It finds that 73% of Remain voters in this group would back LAB if it opposed Brexit, compared to just 39% if it supports going ahead.

    I should say that I’m not convinced by polls that seek to test opinion in such a way. By its very nature such questioning is leading because you have to link the voting intention to a theoretical proposition.

Also the polling has been funded by a group which has a very clear agenda. Having said that it does highlight a huge risk in Corbyn’s ambivalent approach. He is going very much against a large bulk of the voters who helped save Labour’s bacon on June 8th last year.

As long as Seamus Mline, John McDonnell and Corbyn, all with long histories of being opposed to the EU, are the main drivers of LAB’s position then the party is probably not going to be moved.

The big question is how Brexit will be perceived at the time of the next election which almost certainly will be after it has happened.

Mike Smithson