Theresa’s Tories take a 4 point lead with YouGov – their best position in any poll since GE2017

February 8th, 2018


Maybe Corbyn’s LAB is paying the price for its Brexit ambivalence

Threre’s a new YouGov poll in today’s Times that sees a dramatic move to the Tories. The figures are with comparisons on last week:

CON 43%+1
LAB 39-3
LD 8+2

As can be seen this has been driven by LAB losing vote share – three points – with the Tories up 1 and Cable’s LDs up 2.

Also in the poll TMay extended her lead over Corbyn to 8 points as “best PM”. Last week the margin was 6 points.

The pattern of a drop for LAB, a move to CON and an increase in the LD share has been seen in the last three polls from ICM, Survation, and now YouGov.

On Brexit it is not all good news for TMay. A total of 59% think she is doing a bad job negotiating with Brussels compared with 22% saying she is doing well. This is a net minus 37 which equals the worst ever rating since the referendum. At the end of January this was a net minus 32.

Quite why this is happening is hard to say except that Brexit dominates just about everything and on this Team Corbyn has very little to say. The red team’s leadership is very much out of line with the party supporters.

Without a Brexit stance that resonates with party supporters then Corbyn’s party could face an uphill battle and it is hard to see JC achieving his “PM by Christmas” goal.

Mike Smithson