Blow for LAB as YouGov finds Corbyn’s approach to Brexit getting just 24% support

March 2nd, 2018

43% of those polled by YouGov say they oppose

While all the attention today has been on Theresa Mays big Brexit speech we’ve now got the first polling reaction from YouGov to Mr Corbyn’s statements earlier in the week. Although this was covered widely by the media on Monday the general reaction has been fairly negative for the Labour leader. Just 24% said they support the approach that he is taking with 43% saying they oppose.

Significantly just 38% of Leave voters back Corbyn’s approach with 31% opposing.

These things can take a lot of time to sink in but if Corbyn’s plan was to appeal to the LAB Remainers who have been less than enthusiastic about his equivocal stance on the issue then more work needs to be done.

The TMay approach is getting the backing of 35% with 41% opposing.

The same poll finds that most, 68%, of LAB voters remain very consistent in their view that leaving the EU is wrong with 25$ saying “right”.

The voting intention figures in the poll had CON on 41% moving up a point. LAB on 42″ remained the same.

Mike Smithson