Interesting news for those of us betting on the year of Trump’s exit date

March 4th, 2018

My expectation for a while has been health or assassins permitting Donald Trump’s tenure as President will end on January 20th 2025, and have been betting accordingly but the tweet above is intriguing.

I think Trump’s desire to repeal the 22nd Amendment won’t happen simply because of the high bar to repeal it. It will need two thirds of The House of Representatives & The Senate to vote for it THEN 75% of states have to ratify it. I’ll file that in the ‘unlikely to happen’ folder, especially when someone as divisive as Trump is proposing it.

I suspect this is Trump’s way of trolling his opponents. I assume it amuses Trump and that’s why he hinted at repealing the 22nd Amendment, he’s the clickbait President.

I’ll never understand the mentality of trolling and winding up your opponents, I have better ways of amusing myself, I wish the President of America could be more like me.